Uganda Doctor who Attended OCI Proposal Writing class wins AIDS Grant

OCI principal Russell Smith provided a free class in proposal preparation to a group of AIDS program workers in Kampala Uganda. Attending the class were doctors and administrators working in programs financed by U.S. grant funds. Dr. Mutabaza Sharif was able to take the knowledge he gained in the class and win grant support for his program. Below is his thank you letter received in April of 2014.

Dear Russell,

This is to register my sincere appreciation for the free training we received from you in Uganda at Children AIDS Fund offices in Kampala.

I was able to use the skills acquired to secure funding for an HIV prevention project amounting to about 600 Million Uganda Shillings.

Through the training I was able to understand the proposal process better than ever before, learn how to write what the donors wants to read and not what I want to write. Thank you so much.


Dr. Mutabazi Sharif
Medical Director, Bushenyi Medical Centre