We know that getting high-quality proposal support is your top priority. OCI can help!

Not convinced? Here are some things our customers have to say…


“I want to express appreciation for the support OCI provided during my time at Lockheed Martin.

OCI provided many proposal specialists to fill voids in our proposal teams. I became accustomed to the responsive support and the quality of the individuals provided. OCI would have one or more candidates to select from within hours. We usually needed to have personnel onboard within a day or two, and OCI bent over backwards to ensure their consultants reported on time. Their consultants operated seamlessly and effectively alongside our employees. Most importantly, they took the time to understand our organization, processes, tools and culture. This enabled them to better match our needs with qualified consultants that fit in to our projects.

OCI quickly became our go-to source when we needed extra help with our proposals. I gladly offer my highest endorsement to OCI and a strong recommendation to any company that is considering them for proposal service.”

Danny Stirtz, Sr. Manager (ret.), Lockheed Martin


“Our records were out of date, and we needed help updating our past performance library. You provided two proposal writers to update and rewrite a very large amount of information. This work was helpful so that our own proposal staff could stay focused on the proposals we had scheduled for last year. The support, as usual, was excellent”

Ed Hill, Director of Proposals, TRI-COR






“OCI has done a super job. Your staff provided us with a proposal manager for one proposal last year, and that was a winner. You have now helped us with two more proposals: one proposal manager, and one senior proposal writer. With a little luck, these will be winners as well.”

-Ed Hill, Director of Proposals, Digicon 





 “Your team did a fantastic job. On behalf of Opalsoft, I would like to thank you for promptly responding to our needs with quality candidates. OCI proved to be a reliable partner and we will continue to work with you in the future.”

-Sharad Sharma, Opalsoft, Inc.




“Thank you. You have great people and Sylvia Morales has been fantastic in finding us the right fit for some of our smaller budgets. I look forward to more this year.”

-Booz Allen Hamilton




“You’ve provided a valuable service time and again, which drives me to continue using OCI.”

-Textron Systems



“Thanks again…We couldn’t have completed our props and submitted them on time without your company’s help.”






OCI “removed all the distractions that can happen in the proposal process. Their level of professionalism gave me an enormous amount of confidence.”

-Small Business

“The relationship with OCI took our task order response from failure to success in less than a year. Two of the task order proposals managed by OCI were won, and the third received excellent rating and was only lost on price.”

-Small Business