Skill Sets We Are Looking For

Our clients call on us for proposal consultants with a broad range of skills. Listed below are the skill sets that are in greatest demand.

Proposal Manager

  • Provide leadership, management, and direction of entire proposal development process, including tactics, theme, discriminators, and ghosting
  • Issue instructions to and integrate efforts of entire proposal team staff
  • Report daily on the status of key planning, writing, or other processes
  • Direct creation and review of proposal outline to ensure compliance and responsiveness
  • Build proposal compliance matrix and track fulfillment of all requirements
  • Identify and track “must-do” compliance items through completion
  • Review storyboards and proposal sections to ensure requirements are adequately addressed

Book Boss/Volume Leads

  • Design, plan, and manage specific volumes and integrate them with all other proposal volumes
  • Ensure compliance and responsiveness to all RFP requirements
  • Understand and maintain the schedule and assign, manage, and coach writers
  • Write proposal sections such as management plan, staffing plan, and others
  • Develop and maintain a detailed outline for the entire volume, building on the baselined requirements and including annotations for recommended themes, content, and figures (e.g., tables, graphics, photos)
  • Develop, assign, and monitor data collection in support of the volume, and ensure that writers use this data effectively to complete their writing assignments
  • Work with writers to develop appropriate writing aids (e.g., storyboards, annotated page mockups), and review and approve these prior to initiating any writing
  • Review and approve all text and figures before incorporation into the baseline volume

Proposal/Technical Writers

  • Understand the approach, strategy, and themes/discriminators
  • Interview and/or debrief teams with subject matter experts
  • Research, collect data, organize information, and write proposal text
  • Define section requirements, adhering to approved proposal outline
  • Ensure compliance and responsiveness to all RFP requirements
  • Work with proposal production team to plan and develop graphic concepts
  • Prepare documentation for formal reviews
  • Maintain historical files for each section and a section status log

Proposal Coordinators

  • Coordinate the production process (desktop publishing, graphics, editing, proofreading, reproduction, binding, and delivery) in support of the proposal
  • Assist Proposal Manager in maintaining the proposal schedule, configuration control, planning/control documents, and baselined outline
  • Develop data collection forms and proposal templates
  • Work with the Review Team Leader(s) to prepare review documentation and to determine review logistics
  • Maintain a status record and master file for all action items, text, and graphics
  • Identify and help resolve major writing and production problems early
  • Provide guidance and status reports on compliance and production matters
  • Enforce editorial policies and guidelines specified for the proposal

Proposal Desktop Publisher

  • Prepare, format, and layout high quality text and templates for proposals and presentations
  • Integrate graphics and design elements to conform to desktop publishing standards and requirements
  • Ensure compliance with RFP specifications/page limitations and focus evaluators’ attention
  • Possess working knowledge of editorial/proofreading marks
  • Maintain excellent knowledge of Microsoft Word to include style sheets, table designs, macros, and references (i.e., table of contents, list of figures, etc.)
  • Operate with limited instructions (other than style sheets/templates)
  • Prepare both hard and soft copies as required

Proposal Graphic Artist

  • Design and edit pictures, graphs, drawings, and charts to help communicate messages in the proposal response
  • Possess excellent knowledge of tools such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Edit and modify engineering drawings, photo graphics, models, or rough sketches; etc.
  • Work with writers to determine illustration requirements such as processes, objects, tools, products, machines, buildings, and other figures
  • Apply color, shading, and other art techniques to portray intended meaning


  • Validate style, consistency, grammar, and syntax of the final document
  • Re-write as needed to clarify and simplify text or replace poorly written text
  • Provide consistency in capitalization, compound words, lists, and numbers
  • Check in-text references for figures, tables and sections
  • May play a role in reducing the text to meet page limitations

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