Michael Neyland

Introduction to AFCAP IV (Air Force Contract Augmentation Program)
AFCAP IV is a full and open $5B Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Task Order solicitation to provide worldwide civil engineer and services support for contingency operations other than war. The Air Force Installation Contracting Agency (AFICA), Wright Patterson AFB, OH. is the procuring agency. The 772d Enterprise Sourcing Squadron (ESS), Tyndall AFB, FL and San Antonio, TX is the managing customer. A draft AFCAP IV solicitation was released on 18 March 2014 with comments due on 14 April 2014. The release date for the final solicitation has not been determined. Anticipated award date is May 2015 with an estimated six awards.

AFCAP III is a 10-year, $10B, Firm Fixed Price, Cost Plus Fixed Fee, Cost Plus Award Fee, multiple award IDIQ awarded on Nov 2005. Contracts were awarded to Washington Group International, CH2M Hill Corporation, URS/Berger JV, Bechtel, Readiness Management Support LLC, and DynCorp International Both AFCAP III and AFCAP IV are Firm Fixed Price, Fixed Price Incentive, Cost Plus Fixed Fee, Cost Plus Incentive Fee, Task Order contracts. . An initial technical analysis indicates that AFCAP III and AFCAP IV have similar technical requirements.

AFCAP IV Synopsis:
The program requirement is to provide worldwide civil engineer and services support for contingency operations other than war. Contract is for temporary contingency skills and/or resources to support the Air Force, any DoD component, or any U.S. Federal Government entity operating in support of missions which could include but are not limited to National Command Authority, joint or combined United States military forces acting as part of or in concert with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) or multinational forces utilizing U.S. Government appropriations, and participating in a wide spectrum of activities, such as disaster response (man-made or natural), Global War, Irregular Warfare, Major Theater War(s) (MTW), Small Scale Contingencies (SSC), Full Spectrum Threat Response (FSTR), Military Exercises, Base Operating Support (BOS), humanitarian response/relief [including response due to man-made causes, (e.g. political unrest, nation building, peacekeeping, anti-piracy, counter narcotics, etc.], world-wide recovery operations, or political considerations.

Requirements to Win
Winning bidder status at final RFP

The following comments present a ‘quick look’ analysis and assume that a comprehensive Capture Plan has been accomplished and that the Capture Plan and Capture Manager comments are available to support production of a winning proposal response to AFCAP IV. The following remarks are intended as general guidance without access to the Capture Plan. Comments are based on my experience as a Program Manager, Capture Manager and Proposal Manager for large and small Federal contracts and knowledge of the AFCAP program office.

This Section is intended to provide guidelines and comments on preparation of a winning proposal response. A quality proposal response should not only incorporate a Requirements Driven Outline based on the Performance Statement of Work (Section C), Instructions (Section L), Evaluation Factors (Section M), but it should also should include Capture Plan comments pricing analysis on customer intent reflecting customer issues, concerns and hot buttons as well as perceived customer expectations on ‘how’ management, staffing and technical requirements should be addressed.


The bullet statements shown below present a check list approach towards preparation of the winning proposal response.

o Capture Plan and Capture Checklist completed and validated
o Key Capture call plans and customer/contractor assessments completed with technical and management responses suggested for team consideration – to include capture comments from site visits and Industry Days, customer issues and hot buttons defined with suggested responses to issues, hot buttons and competitor ghosting comments
o Key Staff and Program Manager identified and resumes in draft with customer acceptance of Key Staff and PM
o Team already in place with all Teaming Agreements, Individual team Statements of Work well defined and fully coordinated;
o Competitor Black Hat assessments completed to include analysis of anticipated competitor responses to the RFP and ghosting of competitor responses;
o Initial Risk Assessment completed
o Draft Executive Plan completed
o Initial Feature / Benefits tables completed
o Gold level Storyboards and writing assignments completed
o Basis of Estimates completed in draft and pricing agreed by teammates
o Key Staff and Program Manager identified and resumes in draft
o Proposal outline completed – based on draft RFP
o Comparison of draft and final RFP (to evaluate document changes)
o Requirements Outline completed and available for comparison with final requirements
o Final corporate ‘buy in’

What should the bidder be doing right now?
o Validate / research insight into Incumbents and potential competitors
o Reconfirm technical, management and pricing strategy with Capture Manager and corporate staff
o Confirm volume leads, technical and management writers in place
o Reconfirm procedures (one location/multiple locations and methodology) for developing proposal responses
o Confirm support staff availability (proposal lead, editors, graphics team…)
o Finalize color team reviews and schedules
o Complete final proposal kickoff brief for all participants
o Validate pricing plan based on draft and final RFP reviews

Customer Requirements (what do they really want?)
Provide all resources and management necessary to plan for, establish, maintain, and dismantle base camp and remote site operations in support of contingency operations worldwide and provide support to other CoManD/COmbatant COMmand (CCMD/COCOM), Numbered Air forces (NAF), Major Command (MAJCOM), North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) or other missions supporting National Command Authority Objectives, to include organize, train and equip (OT&E), foreign assistance, exercises, etc. The Contractor shall plan and execute logistical services for support and/or sustainment of installations, troops, units, and any Governmental Agency and operations and respond to both programmed and un-programmed requirements. The Contractor shall provide construction services as required in subsequent, individual task orders (TO). The Contractor shall respond to changes in current operations and troop strength at existing installations. The Contractor shall provide backfill support at existing operational locations to augment mission requirements or bridging until other execution avenues become available (e.g., includes Base closure, etc.) The Contractor shall be prepared to support requirements for new or existing operations and new or existing installations in any country. The Contractor shall procure all material, equipment, and supplies incidental to the provision of services required by this Contract. The Contractor shall accomplish all studies required by this contract. The description of services shall be further defined in subsequent, individual task orders. The contractor shall use sound business practices (e.g. smarter, faster, cheaper, innovative) – based on SOW without Capture Plan Comments

AFCAP III/AFCAP IV Performance Statement of Work Comparison
With the exception of additional records reporting, quality control plan and a Users Manual, most of the requirements are similar.

Procuring Agency:
Air Force Installation Contracting Agency (AFICA), Wright Patterson AFB, OH.

772d Enterprise Sourcing Squadron (ESS), Tyndall AFB, FL and San Antonio, TX.
The Tyndall AFB operating location is the principle customer. The 772d Enterprise Sourcing Squadron provides enterprise-wide acquisition support to enhance and further the Air Force Civil Engineer’s mission to provide, operate, maintain, and protect sustainable installations as weapon-system platforms through engineering and emergency response services. The 772 ESS delivers world class construction and environmental projects, worldwide contingency mission support services, natural disaster support, expertise, specialized services, and privatization of utility systems. The squadron supports operational, counterinsurgency, and humanitarian missions in the U.S. Central Command Area of Responsibility via Continental United States reach back contracting capability. The 772 ESS, located in San Antonio, Texas is part of the AF Installation Contracting Agency (AFICA) headquartered at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. 772 ESS has four flights operating in San Antonio, and one flight at Tyndall, Fla.

Points of Contact:
Matthew Berry, Procurement POC Contract/Procurement Office 850-283-6293 matthew.berry.3@us.af.mil
Jack Brown Contracting Officer Contract/Procurement Office 850-283-6287 jack.brown@tyndall.af.mil
Sidney Crawford, Contract Specialist Contract/Procurement Office 850-283-6323 sidney.crawford@tyndall.af.mil
James Garred, AFCEC Support Chief Program Office 850-283-6520 james.garred@us.af.mil Tyndall

AFCAP IV Procurement Milestones:

Sources Sought 04/04/2012
Responses 05/04/2012
Industry Day 11/05/2012
RFI 01/17/2013
Responses 01/31/2013
Draft RFP 03/20/2014
Solicitation Release 06/2014 (Government Estimate)
Award Date 05/2015 (Government Estimate