Written by: Anton Reut

THE OPPORTUNITY: GSA estimates that Alliant 2 will bill over $25 billion during its contract life. It’s not surprising that over 200 companies are preparing to bid on this keystone contract opportunity. Our partners RASA/ONA understand the Government objectives for this procurement and the motivations of the competitors in this environment. We can assist you in making the correct decisions on how to maximize your score and prepare you to be responsive to agency task orders once you have secured a place on the contract.

OUR RESULTS: Partners RASA/ONA analysis averaged a 7,000-point boost to our client companies’ scores based on our in depth analysis of how GSA will review the client’s performance and the proposal that is submitted. We have identified and recommended corrective actions on how the data is presented to the evaluators in order to maximize the score received.

THE CHALLENGE: You are experts in one piece of the puzzle—the contracts you will put forward as past performance and experience description—while we know how to position your information to maximize your score.

Partner RASA/ONA has invested in coming to understand Alliant 2 during the past year to make sure we know and understand all the other pieces of the puzzle:
• The likely cut score,
• The scores of your competitors,
• The scores of your potential teaming partners,
• The optimum project configuration for your bid.

RASA understands the government’s drivers and objectives for the Alliant RFP. We have developed data mining and analytics tools that have helped us replicate GSA’s quantitative scoring methodology. From our detailed analysis of OASIS, VETS 2, and the draft Alliant 2 RFP, we understand the “twists and turns” of section L that generate the most common mistakes and false assumptions that would cause your bid to be non compliant– or cost you the points you need to get above the cut score. RASA has made the investment in Alliant so that we can provide a very reliable view of where the cut score will fall:

• RASA/ONA has scored every company that could possibly bid on either Unrestricted or Small Business. We’ve worked with a dozen companies to prepare for Alliant 2 and VETS 2. We have spent a year preparing the data needed to make the best decisions on this RFP. We are the best federal contract data analytics and proposal team for Alliant 2 there is.
• We know the RFP and the data so well that we are second to none in the business at validating your scoresheet and your FPDS records. The 7000 point improvement (average) that we made for our clients came from three areas—helping them demonstrate the right breadth of business experience, assisting them with selecting contracts that project the right depth of experience, and reviewing Alliant 2 Small Business teaming rules to ensure that the score of the teaming partner truly contributed to the prime’s score.
• We’ve made the proposal of every single company that has engaged us stronger.

Winning Alliant 2 and Alliant 2 SB will be huge impetus to the federal market success of many IT companies. There’s at least $5 billion a year at stake overall, and for individual companies there are tens of millions or hundreds of millions of dollars on the line. Alliant 1 was the largest GWAC ever, and Alliant 2 promises to be even more lucrative for GSA and its Alliant contract holders. Our partner RASA/ONA has helped many companies achieve successful outcomes on GWACS and other multiple award technology contracts. We’ve invested heavily to ensure that we have the right tools to help you make the right decisions in the submission of your successful bid.

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