This first article will address the question by looking at our corporate business pattern. We are large enough to usually be typical of the market. To approach this question with our data, we have developed the following statistics:

1. Average sales by month for the five pre-sequestration years 2007 – 2012 (represented in blue)
2. Average sales by month for the two post-sequestration years 2013- 2014 (represented in red)

The data of sales by the month are presented on the graph below.

The data reveal that sequestration has pushed the period of peak business 60 – 90 days to the right. Why sequestration has pushed business to the right is not known at this time. In future articles, we will address the question, is the release of individual programs slowed down now compared to the past? We will address that question by examining data from GovWin showing what is the average length of time between indicators of early activity such as the release of the draft RFP and indicators of late activity such as final RFP release or the proposal due date.