Understandably, MAC utilization by government contractors is also compelling with big firms IBM (80%), BAH ( 60% ) and CACI ( 80 %).  The largest Federal contractor, Lockheed Martin has only used MACs 10% of the time for government work.  The overall high utilization is understandable since BGOV reported that in 2014 there were over 2500 MACs active.

The long and short of this: they are here to stay and more are on the way!  CMS SPARC was just released and  others are on the near-term radar: Army CHESS IDIQs: ITES-3, ADMC-3, and GSA Alliant2.  Even though Mrs. Rule at  OFPP  would like to reduce the number contracts, it is clear that GWACs, MACs and IDIQs will remain prevalent in government contracting for many years to come.

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