The Different Customer Roles in Vendor Selection

In the proposal evaluation process, different people play key roles at different points in the vendor selection process. The entire body of people involved in the decision are the Decision Making Unit or DMU. Your goal is to identify the key person who has the power to say "Yes!" to your proposal. To do that, it helps to understand the various roles people play.

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How to Capture the Win

Capture management involves developing an understanding of the customer, the solution, and the competitive environment, and then turning that understanding into a plan for how to win the bid. One can never have enough information. Like the pursuit of perfection—impossible to achieve but necessary to try.

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The Art of not being eliminated

Imagine that you have a full time job as a professional person in the federal government. And someone dumps 30 proposals in four large boxes in your office and says: "Remember the boss put you on the evaluation committee for the big XYZ project? We need evaluation results by next Monday."

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Program Manager: To Win, You MUST Offer a PM with Customer Recognition

During the proposal creation process, there are several key roles. Among these are the Capture Manager (Top Management's representative to the proposal team), the Proposal Manager (has two responsibilities: discover the best case, and do the best job of communicating that case), and the Program Manager-Designate (the individual to lead the program during program execution).

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