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Going from Subcontractor to Prime Contractor

Small businesses frequently wrestle with the question of how and when to become a prime contractor.  This challenge faces any small business experiencing growth and development.  Successfully meeting the challenge opens doors to a new career of expanded scope and revenue.  Failing in the attempt wastes precious resources and may consign a smaller company to a perpetual role as a second-tier provider.

We realize any management consultant could write a book on the subject of becoming a prime contractor. However, our present purpose is to address it briefly, attempting only to highlight the main considerations.

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Looking for the “Perfect RFP”

Many proposal and business development professionals not only respond to RFPs but also assist the customer in developing RFPs. I gave a presentation on the subject of the perfect RFP recently to the Chattahoochee Chapter of the APMP in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Following below is a condensed version of my presentation.

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