“Government Contractor Confidence Index” from OCI Proposal Consultants

New study finds contractors confident about the road ahead, and they see more opportunities in cyber and infrastructure.

In the government-contracting arena, there has never been a study that quantifiably measures the overall confidence of the government contracting community – until now.

In February 2022, OCI Proposal Consultants conducted its first “Government Contractor Confidence Index” study to assess the overall confidence of contractors in the Federal market, while also assessing the impact of COVID-19 and the Biden administration on their businesses.

The survey was distributed to 5,600 respondents, mostly those serving as Director or VP of Business Development, Capture, or Proposals. The target of the survey was large, medium-size, and small Federal contractor firms.

Interested in seeing how confident your peers are when it comes to future opportunities?  Please download the full report.

Gove Confidence Survey Report Image
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Hopefully this report will help to guide your successes in the year ahead!

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