Summer is winding down and the proposal activity is picking up.

Studies have shown that taking time off can contribute to an increase in productivity and creativity. However, many of us continue to check our emails while on the beach or at dinner. If you plan your vacation correctly you can come back feeling ready to dive-in to your proposal assignments.

1. Remind your colleagues in advance and plan for your absence. We note vacation days on the corporate calendar and email our teammates ASAP with the dates. We coordinate dates so the entire team is not out at the same time.

In advance we discuss internally who will be in charge of what.

Highlight deadlines and deliverables in writing. This could be a great time for others on your team to learn a new process or gain more experience.

2. Begin to CC: your teammates on pending RFP items and upcoming proposals. If you suspect that an RFP you’ve been watching will ‘drop’ during your time off, CC your teammates with important facts so they can jump-in quickly.

3. Line your ducks up. Working with a partner like us can help alleviate stress if an RFP drops while you are relaxing on the beach! Our team has a reputation for being quick and can help you find qualified proposal consultants to assist in managing, writing, editing, reviews, pricing or graphics.

4. Block time. If you must check your emails, block time early in the morning before your day starts and/or in the evening before or after dinner. Be clear with your family/friends that this is your time to ‘check-in’. Keep it short and discourage your teammates to contact you or else you’ll spend the entire time ‘checking-in’!

5. Invite movement into the body! This might not be directly related to proposals but many of us spend hours sitting at our desk. Take time during your vacation to try a new sport, take a long walk, a yoga class or go dancing! Your spine and health will thank you.

6. Plan for your return. Make your self a ‘to-do’ list of items that need to be taken care of immediately prior to your return.

Have other tips? Share them below!