The delayed RFP for Army’s Advanced Expeditionary Warfare Development (AEWD, also known as ARL IV) solicitation is nearing its anticipated release date.

Army’s Advanced Expeditionary Warfare Development Scope of Work

The work scope is in response to requirements from the Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC/DEVCOM), Army Research Laboratory (ARL). The place of performance is CONUS/OCONUS, including support at Aberdeen Proving Grounds and other ARL locations and facilities.

The contract requirements cover Research and Development that enhances national security by increasing mission capabilities against rapidly evolving threats.

The scope of work includes tasks for:

  1. Basic and Applied Research
  2. Advanced Technology Development
  3. Demonstration and Validation
  4. Operational Systems Development
  5. Technology Transition
  6. Countering Adaptable Threats
  7. Irregular Warfare Support
  8. Expeditionary Forces and Special Operations
  9. Deployable Forces Protection

Army AEWD RFP and Contract Review

The AEWD Multiple Award, IDIQ contract is now in its seventh year (FYs 2016-2022). The current status of the recompete is “in pre-RFP activity” with anticipated RFP release during Q1 FY22. But the Army Contracting Command Aberdeen has not conducted an industry day and has not released a DRFP yet. A sources sought was conducted May 2020.

The contracts ceiling was set at $800M in FY2016 with the initial award to 16 companies. To date, the contractors have in-hand obligated orders in the neighborhood of $375M-$400M. If FY 2022 spending mirrors FY2021, the contract total spending could reach around $425M-$450M.

Task order performance has remained within the contract’s scope for providing Expeditionary forces TS/SCI R&D support for Army, DoD, and other federal government agencies.

The two largest customers of the AEWD contract include various USAF activities and Program Offices (46 percent of obligations) and several Army offices (41 percent of obligations). “Other” obligations, including Navy and DoD work, account for 13 percent of contract spending. ARL, within the AEWD contract, currently spends multiple colors of money including: O&M, RDT&E, Other R&D-Applied and Basic, Engineering and Technical Services, Engineering Development, General Science and Technology, Physical Sciences and Other Procurement.

Contract holders include, Leidos, Envistacom, Draper Labs BAH, Peraton, Battelle, and Wintec.

The AEWD contract may have underrun its direct-to-SB typical spending trends, depending on who you talk to. It does provide performance opportunities for 8(a), WOSB, VOSB, and SDVOSB companies, totaling around 17 percent of contract spending.

So, what does all that mean to you?

 If you are a non-incumbent large business (LB) interested in bidding the recompete, there is an opportunity to help the ARL grow into their contract ceiling through new customers and broader/new performance capabilities and capacities. Do what you do best – move new work to this contract vehicle as part of your growth planning.

If you are a small business (SB), there is limited potential to join one of the existing teams, which already include multiple SBs, research colleges/universities and non-profits. Check each of their websites for insight into their teams. They expend a large number of electrons advertising their capabilities under the AEWD contract.

Because ARL may not have met their top-level SB goals, there should also be space for new SBs at the table. They will entertain proposals from all types of SB as long as you can follow up with reliable performance.

SB and LB, to be considered for award, must also have the TS/SCI SCIF facilities, staff, and PWS-relevant Corporate Experience/Past Performance needed to win a seat at this IDIQ table. Army Research Lab RDT&E experience, as well as Army Electronic Warfare/Cyber experience or USAF ISR and AF Test Center experience are a bonus.

It’s time to knock on ARL doors if you have not already done so. That window of opportunity is closing soon depending on the actual Source Selection Plan’s status and any updated anticipated RFP release date.

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Govwin:  192780


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