UPDATE on DHS First Source III:

Per GovWin, the final RFP release date for DHS First Source III is now late this month.  But in reality, it could happen at any time. If you hold the required NAICS (541519 and 511210) and have ISO 28001:2007 certification, then you should really consider this as an opportunity with reduced competition, also with 41 incumbent contracts.

Where Should I Be in the Process for DHS First Source III: 

  1. Get your “Go/No GO” material together in accordance with Section L.5.2.1 Factor 1 – Ability to Achieve Results from the Draft RFP. We don’t know the page count yet, but better to be developing content now and then need to cut than have to add more page count with a sparse start.
  2. Make sure you have your proposal team lined up and all responsibilities identified. Engage outside staffing support if needed before the best talent is taken.
  3. Consider your LOE estimates for the DHS First Source III proposal. The following may give you some baseline estimates based upon what we know today:

These estimates are loosely based on the requirements for the Go/No Go and the page counts from DHS First Source II. It is anticipated that the government may require responses to the particular questions posed in Section L.6.2 of the draft along with Pricing of a Sample Task (no information provided in the draft).

  1. You MUST participate in Phase I (Go/No Go) to be considered for Phase II. Expect a fairly rapid turnaround for the Phase I (perhaps as short as 10 days) and then a brief pause for down-select followed by a 30-day response period for Phase II.

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DHS First Source III Errata:

GovWin Opportunity ID:            171342

Beta.SAM.Gov Notice ID:          70RTAC21R00000003

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