A review of:

Tilar J. Mazzeo, Writing Creative Nonfiction (THE GREAT COURSES: Chantilly, Virginia, 2012), pp. 166.

Spending 90 minutes with this book lets a proposal writer move their craft a light year forward.  The author has earned the right to address the topic, based on herself writing some captivating nonfiction works and spending years on the platform teaching college English. 

This book is full of techniques that will help you make your writing interesting enough to carry a Government reviewer through your argument.  For example, she explains how to write a page-turner paragraph and section.  And how even the various sentence types contribute to your desired outcome.  More important, you come away knowing what improvements are possible to achieve and how to incorporate such improvements in your writing.

I am sorry to say, it took me a year to read this book.  I first saw a glowing review in the Washington Post and ordered it.  On the way in the front door, our teenage daughter took it out of my hand.  And I finally got it back.

The book itself is interesting and easy to read.  You can just pass by material that may not of direct value and focus on that which will enhance your career.  And the short chapter format lets you read a few minutes here and a few minutes there without losing the drift.  If you get 10% of the value I did, then it is well worth your time.  The book is available in an audible format at a low price.