We all know the industry is set to languish during the 30 – 60 days needed for government contractors to learn how to work off site.  Many of those releases we were expecting right now will make the proverbial “move to the right” due to this act of nature.

So, we can sit back, rest, and let nature take its course when it will. Or we can provide the American answer.  Take nature in our own hands.  And do constructive things that help us prosper.

Following below are 7 ways we can turn this business lull into a center of profit:

  1. Start, improve, or finish an effective, written off-site work process.
  2. Go to work on that draft RFP not yet touched or create a draft to work from.
  3. Start capturing the experience, past performance needed for forthcoming recompetes, especially where we have been remiss and failed to preserve the data during the performance period.
  4. Provide training for the technical personnel who participate in proposal preparation but lack sufficient writing skills.
  5. Further brief our executives on the forthcoming proposals to get full buy-in and prepare them to provide the support and resources needed to win.
  6. Go ahead and put in place a plan to get the outside consultant resources that will be needed when the deluge of opportunity hits, probably in the June timeframe.
  7. Establish or improve the archive of frequently used proposal parts to be better prepared for the tidal wave of business we will see this year.