MHS EITS Geographic Service Provider (GSP) Contract is a small business opportunity worth around $1.5B.

Note: Defense Health Agency (DHA) — Looking to Standardize IT Support Contracts for Military Treatment Facilities

America’s military has always had the challenge of meeting its needs for civilian support for some functions that are largely military. Such as finding personnel to provide IT support for military hospitals and clinics. Until now, the answer has been a hodge-podge of local contracts with very little commonality.

The latest effort to fix this issue is the MHS EITS Geographic Service Provider (GSP) acquisition. The DHA has provided considerable information concerning this potential $1.5B small business set-aside (SBSA) program, with no less than 10 document releases to educate potential bidders.

Release Date

Based on the August 11, Modification, GovWin estimates an October RFP release. Since there is no single predecessor contract that’s expiring, there could be some flexibility in the RFP release date.

Evidence-Based RFP

From the released documents, it appears this will be another “evidence-based” acquisition a là CIO-SP4, Polaris, et al. We do know that there are more than 2,400 military treatment facilities (MTF) that will be covered by the contract.  And that these MTFs will be divided into six geographical areas and include OCONUS as well as Status of Forces Agreement areas.

Technical Scope Areas For MHS EITS Geographic Service Provider (GSP)

The following scope areas will be covered by the resulting contract:

  • Local IT Service Desk
  • Application and Web Development Support Services
  • Identity Management and Windows Desktop Services
  • Data Center Operations Support Services
  • Information Assurance Support Services
  • Network Operations Support Services
  • Telecommunications (Analog and Digital) Support Services

As mentioned, this is an evidence-based solicitation with the release in mid-July of the Technical Evaluation Worksheet. This document provides the roadmap for potential bidders to determine their viability to compete. No scoring information is provided, but you can get a good idea of where you might stand.

MHS EITS Geographic Service Provider (GSP) Proposal Structure

Based on the draft GSP Proposal Instruction, five volumes will be required for a response. They are:

  • Volume I – Administrative. This volume will contain the usual suspects of Reps and certs, teaming information, organizational conflict identification (OCI), past performance consent letters, and a responsibility determination requiring banking information.
  • Volume II – Support Qualifications. Certain criteria have been established for this volume including:
    • Performance as a Prime contractor managing multiple subcontractors
    • Supplier Performance Risk System
    • Multiple Award IDIQ Contract for DoD IT Services
    • Facility Clearance.
  • Volume III – Scope Area Qualifications. The seven scope areas mentioned above have the first three areas (Local IT Service Desk, Application and Web Development Support Services, and Identity Management and Windows Desktop Services) bundled into a single response are while the others are standalone.
  • Volume IV – Geographic Breadth Qualifications. For this volume, offerors will need to provide evidence that they have provided services within specifically defined geographical areas.
  • Volume V – Past Performance Qualifications. Past performance information must be presented for the same examples provided under the scope areas.

What to Do Now to Prepare for MHS EITS Geographic Service Provider (GSP)

Again, this is going to be heavily based on documentary evidence provided to support your bid  And there are a number of things you can be doing now to get yourself ready to win:

  1. Review all of the available documentation on SAM to see the magnitude of the effort.
  2. Perform a review of your available projects and perform a preliminary run with the Technical Evaluation Worksheet (Our company OCI has previously supported companies doing this).
  3. Begin looking at the numbers and types of personnel you have provided and match the locations to the geographical areas in the draft proposal instructions.

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