In this episode of the Secret Code to Government Proposal Success podcast series, Judy Bradt, CEO and Founder of Summit Insight, provides insights into how contractors prepare themselves for a winning in Federal Fiscal Year 2021.

With the Federal Fiscal-Year 2021 kicking off on October 1st, many contractors are developing strategies for winning new business and re-competes in the wake of what has been a very unprecedented year due to the pandemic.

The upcoming election is also compounding uncertainties for government contractors. Fortunately, there are a number of best practices that contractors can do when dealing with a new federal buying season during an election year.

These include building stronger relationships with the government buyer, giving thanks to the customer, as well as assessing what worked and did not work in FY 2020. In addition, the power of incumbency is very important for stronger existing programs, and a new Presidential administration – whether under the same party or the other — often translates into new initiatives and opportunities for contractors.

Following are additional highlights from this interview:

  • Why forming natural connections with government buyers is important. (1:28)
  • What mid- and large-sized contractors need to do to prepare for FY 2021. (7:55)
  • Insights into the marketplace for contractors during this year’s election season. (12:58)
  • What contractors with higher win rates do to stand out in the proposal process. (16:23)

To learn more about Summit Insight, please click here. In addition, Judy recently launched her “Federal 2021 Launch Checklist,” which you can download here.

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