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Proposal Readiness Assessment

Our Proposal Readiness Assessment helps bidders ensure they can prepare a compliant and compelling proposal. It begins with a review of the company’s proposal methodologies. The Client will obtain: An assessment including strengths and deficiencies, with a recommended fix for each deficiency.

Discriminating bidders choose OCI to help with their Proposal Readiness Assessment because — you can tailor your investment by selecting only the services needed from a menu:

  • Creation of Compliance Matrix and Outline
  • Conducting a proposal win strategy session that allows your company to stand out
  • Conducting a strong proposal kickoff
  • Identifying roles and responsibilities / skill mix needed in the proposal team
  • Proposal Writers: A constructive analysis of the process for writing the proposal sections
  • Proposal Graphic Designer / DTP: An analysis of the development process and state of key graphics
  • Resume Review: An analysis of the resume / staffing process and writing resumes to 50% if needed
  • Past Performance: An analysis of past performance write-ups

Our flexibility in pricing accommodates small and medium-size firms. Our greater depth of talent allows you to obtain SMEs for most programs. For this to be an effective engagement, we need to start at least 30 days in advance of the final RFP.

Capture Management

Our seasoned experts can help you with the pre-proposal (capture) process. We work with your senior managers to thoroughly review your strategic objectives, capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, and competitive posture. This leads to development of a realistic win plan for any upcoming opportunities. We can provide talent with the strategic insight and domain expertise needed to help position you to capture the opportunity. OCI provides expert support in every stage of the capture process, including:

  • Evaluate future opportunities (are they real, are they funded, are they winnable)
  • Analyze market, competitors, and partnerships/subcontractors (develop initial price-to-win target)
  • Identify and assess key customer decision makers to understand their priorities and hot buttons
  • Develop the capture (or win) plan and lead its implementation
  • Determine budget (marketing / proposal development)
  • Help determine the resources needed for capture and proposal development — including identification and selection of team members or subcontractors
  • Establish periodic, independent reviews of capture status to ensure senior management maintains a clear understanding of progress and challenges (completeness, effectiveness, schedule, budget)

Let OCI help you pursue federal contract opportunities more strategically and successfully by providing you with proven capture management expertise and support.

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