A Landmine in the Federal Proposal Road: the Impeachment and the 2020 Appropriations

  |  September 29, 2019

Industry lobbyists with deep insight say that calendar year 2020 may be the first year to see 2 shutdowns.  The recently passed Continuing Resolution (CR) takes us only to November 27.

The Current Status of the Appropriations

At this time, the House of representatives has passed 10 of the 12 major appropriations bills.  But the Senate has passed none.

The problem is NOT disagreement over the amount of funding. Instead there is agreement between the parties as to the top-level amount of funding.  And funding is slightly higher than in 2019.

And the issue of the debt ceiling will have to be addressed, probably in October.

The Landmine

The issue threatening to bring a second shutdown is the border wall.  The president wants a multi-billion-dollar appropriation for the border wall this year to fulfill a promise to his core supporters.  And the democrats oppose the border wall as much as the president wants it.

The Impeachment and a Shutdown

Add the complication of the impeachment, and the risk of another shutdown becomes even more problematical.  Few doubt the president would shut down the Government a second time over the issue of the border wall. And since no one can predict what direction the Impeachment will take, this brings an added layer of risk there will be a second shutdown in 2019.