Army GTACS II – The 11th Hour

  |  May 9, 2018

After 3 years in gestation, the $5B GTACS II competition is rapidly nearing its climax.  With only 45 days before final RFP, the bidders are scrambling to get their teams in order.

There will likely be 100 bidders more or less for the 30 spots on this lucrative contract.  This competition is not for the faint hearted.

Clearly, preparing a winning answer to the Technical Volume will require best-in-industry talent.   Especially solutions and writer personnel.

Even a cursory review of the spec reveals the depth of difficulty. In a mere 55 pages you have to prove how you can reliably develop, integrate, test, and manage complex hardware / software systems in a worldwide SATCOM environment.  In accordance with most exacting Government and industry standards.  While assuring low risk and at the same time including innovative technology.  All in a way that will win favor with demanding reviewers.

How does this compare to patting your head and rubbing your stomach in 11 different dimensions?

Where Should You Be Right Now?

  1. Team nailed down with written agreements
  2. Solution 70% complete
  3. PTW studies well on their way
  4. Proposal team at least in gear and working to draft

What If You Are Behind?

If you are behind, now is the time to act.  Let’s assume you can win but lack bandwidth.  Then call consultants in before it is too late.

Anyone who knows us will tell you, we are trustworthy and know how to help a company win.

Reach out here and we will help get your team back on track.