9 Ways to Win More Proposals – This Summer

  |  April 28, 2015

9 Ways to Win More Proposals This Summer

Here are nine things you can do to win more proposals this year: 1. Start with a well-defined solution.2. Invest enough in production so your proposal will look like a winner.3. Use price to win (PTW) analysis – you can’t do without this any longer?4. Stock your refrigerator with good things for late night workers.5.... Read More

Tips for Winning a Human Capital and Training Services (HCaTS) Contract

  |  April 28, 2015

helpful tips

OCI is partnering with FedSavvy Strategies to help HCaTS bidders. FedSavvy Strategies’ principal – Brian Lindholm – has a deep background in the HCaTS program, while OCI has a large bench of consultants qualified to help prepare a winning HCaTS proposal.

Overview to Winning HCATS
The Human Capital and Training Services (HCaTS) opportunity represents an exciting development for any business delivering human capital, training and development, and organizational process improvement. HCaTS is – for all intents and purposes – a follow-on contract to the legacy Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Training and Management Assistance (TMA) contract.

Based on some very conservative estimates, we believe this contract could reach around $242 million per year in contract spending. We think this figure is realistic based on the fact that HCaTS is mostly a replacement for the OPM TMA contract and its scope is expanding. Consider HCaTS probable value against an annual addressable market value of nearly $2 billion per year for Training and Human Capital Solutions.

Your decision to pursue HCaTS should take into consideration what alternative contracts your existing and targeted customers currently utilize. Will HCaTS be used in your customers’ acquisition strategy or will it merely be seen as yet another multiple award IDIQ contract?

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Casual Friday’s at OCI

  |  March 24, 2015

OCI Accounting Department Casual Friday's

Pictured above are OCI Finance Department personnel on a casual Friday.  Teyona Holland is the department Clerk.  Daiza Smith is the Billing Manager.  Bibi Ogunyankin, CPA, is the Finance Department Manager. Read More