Read Between the Lines to Know What Your Customer Is Thinking

  |  June 26, 2019

Dennis Lucey and Gary Shumaker — Editor’s Note: No matter how hard they try, both large and small business must bid some programs where they lack the customer intimacy usually needed to win.  These two seasoned contractors offer insight into a work-around — discovering what is inside the customer’s head through careful RFP analysis. Wouldn’t it... Read More

What is the Top-Level Purpose of Capture?

  |  June 12, 2019

John Capewell In this article I look at the top-level purpose of the Capture Process. Is it to perform Cheerleader and team building activity for favored opportunities, or is it to be the devil’s advocate to protect B&P from bids with low pWin that are not improvable? Or possibly some blend of both? One end... Read More

Rapid IV Spacecraft Ready for Lift Off?  Counting down…The Switch to-Space Travel as a Service (STaaS)

  |  June 6, 2019

Peter Adam –   The Trump Administration is re-trajectorizing America’s space agency. Regime Change To meet its new ambitious objectives, NASA is reconfiguring the way it does procurement. Contractors, including RAPID IV bidders — get ready for Space Travel as a Service (STaaS). Not your Father’s (or Grandma’s) Space Race NASA’s new way of doing business... Read More