5 Things to Check to Win Your Recompete Submission Federal Proposal

  |  October 27, 2019

recompete submission

Editor’s Note:The author of this article Nigel Thacker is arguably the leading authority in the world on recompete proposals. Nigel specializes in recompetes. He has trained OCI personnel in his unique techniques, such as administering the Recompete Workshop. In this article, I explain how to greatly enhance a recompete submission. Of course a recompete has... Read More

The Tragic Flaw That Could Lose Your Recompete

  |  May 31, 2018

As the incumbent, you are in a unique position that gives you an advantage over your competitors in winning your proposal recompetes.  You should have data from the existing contract that will enable you to easily win.  However, the sad truth is that, incumbent proposal teams often lose competitions they could have won. The Tragic... Read More