Insight into Preparing an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) Proposal

  |  February 3, 2015

Written by: Thomas Hodges Last August I wrote an article highlighting the forthcoming Department of Energy ESPC IDIQ program: Department of Energy- Energy Saving Performance Contract (ESPC) IDIQ. In that article, I explained the unusual nature of this IDIQ, including the fact that Congressional appropriated funds are not sourced for these projects, but projects are entirely... Read More

DISA’s Global Network Services (GNS) IDIQ Offers Business Opportunities to Network and Telecom Service Providers

  |  January 30, 2015

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) is the Department of Defense (DoD) combat support agency that provides information technology and communications support to DoD agencies, the military services, combatant commands, and mission and coalition partners. DISA’s Defense Information Systems Network (DISN) is the core global enterprise network DISA uses to provide connectivity.

DISN’s current communication network program in partitioned by multiple geographic regions spanning nine contracts.  DISA envisions a future single consolidated DISN network.  This effort is named the Global Network Services (GNS) program.

GNS Contract

The GNS contract will provide the vehicle for DISA to acquire telecommunications network solutions and services that improve or enhance the DISN. This IDIQ contract is valued at $4 billion over a five-year base period with five one-year options.  

Completion is full and open. An awardee becomes a Multiple Award Contractor (MAC).  MACs can lead to future task orders issued under the GNS contract vehicle.  DISA anticipates a minimum of two MACs.

GNS Service Requirements

The GNS solicitation covers engineering, furnishing, installing, testing, and maintaining transmission services, capabilities, and circuits. Key service requirements are:

  •  Network capacity services
  • Telecommunications network data transfer services
  • Satellite communication services
  • Wireless services
  • Equipment installation

Additional services will be used to equip the DISN with sufficient capability to support multimedia services including voice, data, video, and imagery transfer at any time or place.  Secondary requirements include logistics support, IT professional services, and software and systems software. Provision of services will occur in both CONUS and OCONUS.   

This program is of interest to wired communication carriers, wireless communication carriers, and satellite communication carriers and teams that combine these types of communication services.

GNS Contract Vehicle

DISA has spent more than a year developing its strategy for the GNS contract.  Deltek predicts that the final solicitation will be released in February. Awards are anticipated in September 2015. The contract is directed by DISA’s Procurement Directorate at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois.

GNS Proposal Responses

Responses must consist of a five-volume set provided as an Internet upload and burned to CD-ROMs. The Technical and Management Volume is the largest of the set at approximately 200 pages. The Past Performance Volume requires completion of questionnaires by customers.

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Court wrestles with “commercial item” definition

  |  May 4, 2009

Did you know that ... Marketing brochures are one indication that an item is a “commercial item?”  (See Precision Lift, Inc., v. The United States, U.S. Court of Federal Claims No. 08-500C, September 24, 2008.)  This is significant, since most or the products bought by the Government must be “commercial items.”  Read More