Who has more “Skin” in the Proposal Game – the Consultant or the Employee?

  |  February 28, 2012

Our sales personnel sometimes encounter prospects who feel reluctant to use consultants, because they fear the consultants are not really committed to the outcome. A prospect recently said this: "Sometimes our proposal teams are short of personnel. We could use consultants but we don't. The consultants 'just don't have any skin in the game'."

Thirty one years of working in the proposal business has allowed me to see both the employee side and the consultant side.

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Recruiting and Selling Key Personnel in Service-Contract Proposals

  |  November 7, 2011

Recruiting and selling key personnel are critical factors in preparing winning proposals. Despite its importance, it is easy for even experienced proposal managers to let key personnel efforts get overshadowed by other issues.

Even if your team does stay focused on selecting the right people, effectively selling these key people throughout the proposal often remains a major challenge. As a result, while key personnel should always be one of the contributing factors to a win, it can cause an otherwise winning proposal to lose.

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