What Can Proposal Professionals do in a time of Market Stress?

  |  June 18, 2013

The Market Picture

During the nine months since October, we have seen the most abnormal market for proposal services in living memory.  The paradigm of higher budgets every year is now a thing of the past.  Instead, we are looking at nine more lean years as the debt is paid down.  And even if the politicians should reach a “grand bargain”, the budgets for the “discretionary spending” that generates RFPs will likely continue to be lower rather than higher each succeeding year. 

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RFI Responses Are More Important Than You Think

  |  May 16, 2013

Content is key RFI

How many times have all of us had to throw an RFI response together in 1/5th the time needed? On May 15, 2013 the National Capital Area (NCA) chapter of the APMP presented a panel discussion on RFI's. The panelists contributed valuable insights helpful even to seasoned professionals.

Panel Members

Panel members included Patrick Breen from GSA FedSim, Lenise Lago from the U.S. Forest Service, and Olessia Smotrova-Taylor, the current president of the NCA chapter of APMP and OST Global Solutions.

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