How Much Proposal Activity can we Expect during the Fall?

  |  September 16, 2013

A critical question shared by all proposal professionals is:  How many proposal releases will we have in the coming quarter?  Will proposal activity / business be slow, moderate or fast? 

There is a high probability that the dollars spent on contracting this fall will be less than last fall.  This is because we had a grace period last fall when the start of sequestration was delayed.  This fall the planning across the government is for budgets with sequestered dollars.  And the fall timeframe will likely transpire with a continuing resolution (CR) and spending at the sequestration level. 

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Forecast: Federal Proposal Activity during the Next 5 Months

  |  May 10, 2013

oci sales chart

Now that the appropriations have been passed for about 6 weeks, the period of fast proposal activity / business is coming soon.  Most agencies have realigned their plans IAW their appropriations, and RFP releases are beginning to increase.

Business Volume during the Next 5 Months

With less than 5 months left in FY 2013, proposal business will likely be fast by late May.  And it should continue to be relatively fast during the rest of the fiscal year.  This is because the volume of procurements pushed to the right exceeds the negative effects of the sequestration.  And agency procurement offices need to process as many of the postponed bids as their bandwidth will permit before end of fiscal year.

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How to get the Lowest Price on Proposal Consulting Services

  |  March 14, 2013

Nearly all companies that submit proposals for government contracts have to hire proposal consulting services.  This is the most economical way to do it, because the cost of maintaining enough in-house personnel to handle peak workloads is simply not cost effective.  The consultants help with the overflow work at the times of peak activity.  Every company has to make a calculation as to what is the most cost-effective combination of full-time personnel and consultants to handle the proposal workload.

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