Creating a Contract Story for Your Recompete

  |  October 5, 2015

Creating a Contract Story for Your Recompete

This article focuses on how a contractor can plan to have a winning story to tell on the next contract recompete. Being able to use examples from delivery on the existing contract is a real strength for incumbents. Other bidders can talk about other customers and contacts. Only you can give specifics relating to what... Read More

How is the Federal Budget for FY 2016 Looking? 

  |  September 23, 2015

Fiscal Year Budget 2016

An Interview with Alan Chvotkin Note: Alan Chvotkin is the EVP and Counsel of the Professional Services Council (PSC). OCI:  Why has the volume of proposals dropped during 2015? Alan Chvotkin:  For four years in a row, government spending on the purchase of goods and services is down year-over-year, although not uniformly across all areas. For... Read More