Creating Winning Resumes

  |  August 7, 2018

Gary Everett —

We all know, the key personnel you propose and the way you prepare their resumes are critical factors in winning the contract. The closer the key staff match the work requirements, the better. These personnel should be introduced to the government decision makers before the bid goes in.  Or better still propose key personnel recommended by your government contacts.

The steps below will help you enhance your key staff resumes:

  1. Develop resume formats for education/training and positions held, starting with the most recent. Include a section citing specific systems hardware and software tools experience, including management toolsets.
  2. Create a matrix table using RFP key phrases on all requirements for each position, and show how the personnel meet or exceed them. Include the matrix in the resume template. Systematically address all possible RFP requirements in each past job held.
  3. Discuss hardware/software, network, tools, and techniques used to accomplish work.
  4. Describe specific accomplishments and results of performance metrics delivered and not just a list of tasks performed and skills obtained. Metrics of performance should include how new quality and performance improvements were introduced successfully by this person.
  5. Use numbers of times, numbers of users, number of devices, etc., to show intensity of performance requirements.
  6. Discuss how the person delivered the same or similar services as those in your win themes used for this bid.
  7. Develop a summary chart of all key resumes that shows that they match win themes, evaluation criteria, and SOW specifications.

A strong key staff composed of individuals who have delivered the same performance metrics required for this program will be a powerful discriminator for your company.  Most customers find this a lot easier said than done.  Starting early probably helps more than anything else.