DISA’s Global Network Services (GNS) IDIQ Offers Business Opportunities to Network and Telecom Service Providers

  |  January 30, 2015


Draft Task Order for Regional Transport Services

Bidders must provide a technical response to a Draft Task Order (DTO).   Contracctor responses to the DTO are used to determine a contractor’s “technically sufficiency” for the GNS IDIQ contract level.

The DTO consists of a Statement of Objectives (SOO) for a future GNS Task Order. A contractor responds to a SOO with a Statement of Work (SOW).  The SOW defines the work to be accomplished, or the “solution” to DISA’s need. 

Contractors do not have to price the DTO.  The actual task order will be released for competition to GNS MAC awardees at a future date. Contractors will need technical staff with a knowledge of DISN to translate the SOO to SOW requirements.

GNS Proposal Evaluation Criteria

The basis for contract award is “best value”.  DISA will select a group of multiple award contractors based on its evaluation.  Technical/management factors and past performance are of greater importance than cost/price.

Strategy to Prepare a Winnings GNS Proposal

Join a Team

As a “full and open” competition with a primary NAICS code of 517110, contractors can expect Wired Telecommunications Carriers to bid.  Industry operators can also generate revenue by providing internet access and video services and by wholesaling access to their networks for a variety of purposes.   

Similar companies that may want to join a team are wireless telecommunications carriers, telecommunication networking equipment manufacturers, VoIP providers, telecommunications resellers, transmission line contractors, and satellite telecommunications providers.  Companies that specialize in voice, data, video conferencing, and network management services may also be a good addition to a prime contractor’s team.

Offer a Low-Risk Technical and Management Approach

DISA is concerned with the potential for disruption of schedule, increased costs, degradation of performance, the need for increased Government oversight, and the likelihood of unsuccessful contract performance. Prime contractors need to demonstrate the ability to manage task orders from award to finish.  A well-defined process for implementation, including the method to provide services on an expedited or emergency basis, is a likely way to lower an offer’s risk. 

Contractors need to be familiar with Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM).  Supply Chain Risk means the risk that an adversary may sabotage, maliciously introduce unwanted function, or subvert the design, integrity, and operation of the DISN and other components.  The management approach should clearly discuss how SCRM is provided. 

A management plan also needs to explain how the various Program Requirements, General Service Requirements, and Transition Requirement will be delivered.

The technical response should address general Transmission Services, IP-Based Services, and Satellite Transmission Services. In addition, you’ll need to explain how your company will meet performance requirements, service management, and cyber security and information assurance requirements.  Contractors need to have technical personnel with a basic understanding of DISN to respond to these topics. 

Include Contractors Offering Emerging Technologies and Services

A key GNS acquisition objective is to have a flexible scope with the capability to add emerging technologies and services.  For example, DISA envisions transport requirements using non-traditional site-based or point-to-point circuits.  This opens the opportunity for a cloud infrastructure to provide connectivity. 

Provide CONUS and OCONUS Coverage

DISN provides global coverage.  DISA expects MACs to provide services OCONUS, and encourages foreign firm participation that meet U.S. security guidelines. This provides an opportunity for large companies with a global footprint to increase the capability and availability to meet schedule requirements of routine and non-routine task orders.  DISA places importance on the ability to fill task orders on expedited delivery, urgent or emergency need, and for short-term requirements.

Where are you now?

Large companies are the most likely contenders to become MACs.  At this point, a capture plan should be in place, the internal team membership defined, and teaming partners identified.  Most of the elements of a total solution should be developed.

For companies that have a core competency in a relevant product or service, now is the time to contact potential prime contractors.  Now is the time to join a team.  Additionally, if you will need outside assistance, commit consultants as soon as possible before the qualified personnel are taken. 

If you have questions, contact John Cook at jcook@ociwins.com.




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