Faster Start of 2020 Business for Contractors– $1.4T Appropriations

  |  December 30, 2019

The entire industry breathed a sigh of relief when the $1.4 trillion FY 2020 appropriations passed on December 20.  Just a week previous, many with deep insight felt it would be impossible for congress to complete work on time, possibly forcing a second shutdown.

Net net, we have a huge whopping budget for both DoD and civilian agencies with spending levels very similar to 2019.

Significance for Government Contractors

Government business was faster than normal in the fall, probably because congress agreed on the major outline of 2020 spending in a 2-year plan along with the 2019 budget.  And this advance notice on 2020 spending let commands / agencies plan farther in advance and get started on releases of RFPs earlier than usual.

There is every reason to believe, this trend for faster Government business will continue in the winter quarter.