How to Locate Grants and Win Them

  |  April 9, 2009

Let’s say you think you have an idea the Government could use to e make the homeland safer. Or maybe you have the next best “green technology” and just need a little seed money to get it going.  You might have a great idea on how to help less fortunate folks get a leg up.
Any of the above ideas (and a lot more) may be eligible for one or more grants from a variety of sources.  The trick is to find grant opportunities, apply for them, and then WIN them. OCI can help you do all three.

We break our process into two phases.  The first phase is research.  Our experienced consultants will work with you to get to know more about your organization and to more fully understand your potential use of grant monies.  They will also develop a list of keywords and concepts that will then be used to search a number of public and private databases to identify prospective grant sources.  They will look for those opportunities that best fit your unique needs, situation, and capabilities.  The deliverable from this phase is a comprehensive report detailing the opportunities found, sorted in order of best fit and likelihood of winning.

The second phase is writing the grant applications.  Based upon the results of the search process, our consultants will assist you in the preparation of as many or as few grant applications as you wish to pursue.  They will work hand-in-hand with you to develop your story in compliance with the grant application requirements, using their experience and writing abilities to ensure the best possible application submittal.

Grant applications are less about what you say than how you say it.  Our consultants excel in understanding the application requirements and being able to tell your story in a convincing fashion.

If your group or organization needs help in finding and winning a grant, contact Trina Holland at 703-689-9600 or


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