Nine Situations When Government Contractors Need to Hire Proposal Consulting Help

  |  February 28, 2013

Surge Support When RFPs Stack Up

Nearly every company large and small has peak-and-valley work situations. The only companies that are at all immune to this problem are the few firms that have such small and granular bids that the work can flow more evenly. Many companies experiencing surge conditions are tempted to staff the extra proposal with anyone who is on the bench. Never mind they can’t spell “proposal”. The chances of winning are greatly enhanced if the company can call in professional proposal consulting help rather than using amateurs.

Staff Augmentation for Temporary Shortage of a Labor Category

When a company has a temporary shortage of proposal consulting talent, OCI can help. We typically fill orders for proposal consulting talent day after tomorrow. Or if the situation is urgent, we nearly always provide the talent on a next-day or same-day basis. For example, if an editor is going to be on maternity leave; if there is an unexpected resignation; or there is a sick proposal manager, we are glad to provide vetted talent to fill the gap.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Based on our 5,500-resume database and input from staffing partners, we can often provide narrow niche SMEs to help with proposal consulting requirements. This includes experts on a civilian agency, a military service, a process, a system, a technology, a standard, or an industry.

Color Teams to Provide an Unbiased Review

Sometimes companies find that they literally don’t have talent available that is both qualified and is not biased due to having participated in some way in preparing the proposal. OCI is glad to provide fresh color team members and leader when requested.

To Help Companies affected by Sequestration

It is truly unfortunate that many companies affected by the fiscal cliff have had to downsize or even dismiss their proposal departments. We are prepared to help such groups by providing fully vetted proposal consulting resources at the best possible prices.

To Help Companies with Aggressive Growth Goals

We find that some companies establish aggressive growth goals such as 30% or 35% per year. It has been our experience that the most economical way such companies can succeed is by augmenting their in-house staff with proposal consulting resources.

To Assist Non Professional Authors in Writing Strong Proposal Sections

A classical problem in proposal preparation is how to get strong proposal writing from members of the engineering solution team who are not experienced proposal writers. OCI is happy to assist such groups by providing a volume manager and / or a trainer to assist these highly qualified engineering personnel to write winning proposal sections.

To Help Compute Price-to-Win (PTW) Numbers

I have been surprised to learn that many mid-sized businesses don’t even have a PTW person on their staff, and many small businesses still don’t even do a PTW study prior to submitting their proposals. And this is in the era where official and unofficial lowest price technically acceptable (LPTA) competitions are growing more in popularity every month. OCI is glad to provide PTW proposal consulting assistance to businesses of any size.

To Help One-Contract Divisions with a Recompete

Nearly every large business has some divisions that are essentially one-contract groups. They earn their living by supporting one large contract that may have a recompete once every five years. Such groups seldom maintain staff to prepare their proposals because it isn’t economical to do so. OCI is glad to provide a whole proposal preparation team to assist such groups.



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