Proposal Professionals – 7 Ways to Advance on your Job

  |  February 26, 2019

1. Establish goals. This includes a timetable as to when you want to reach certain positions such as manager, director, or vice president.

2. Do a self-assessment, hard and soft skills. Hard skills such as technical capabilities and soft skills such as the ability to relate well to others in group work.

3. Contribute in a way the boss can see that you help increase the bottom line. This is powerful. For example, if your work really helps increase profit, this will not only help you get promoted. But also your job will probably be safe in a recession.

4. Complete the certifications, licenses, and training you most need for your job. A good source of training for certifications important for proposal management work is APMP.

5. Request periodic feedback from your manager. This is aside from your annual review. You can also use these sessions to negotiate with your manager. For example, you could discuss what would be required for a promotion to a desired position.

6. Develop an executive presence – act with warmth and strength. This applies to positions at all levels.

7. Find a mentor. This is a powerful tool for guidance from an experienced person who can bring good judgment to help you rise on the job. One source of mentoring is the program at APMP that will match you to a good mentor.