Proposal Protests – Part 1

  |  March 27, 2009

Only certain protests will win. One winner is any in which you can prove the agency did not obey the FAR. Another winner is one in which you can prove the agency did not do what they said they would do in the bid.

If you have enough experience, you can immediately dismiss all of the protests that will lose and not file them. Then you are left with the sure winners and the ones where it depends upon who does the best job and has the most skill.

You will probably not find the necessary skill from a law firm in Texas, Oregon, or Illinois. And you can develop much of this skill by reading. But nothing beats doing a few protests as a learning process. I have seen firms doing millions in federal business, that have never filed a protest.

The government does about 100,000 contracts a month, yet there are only about 3000 protests a year. Vendors might be justified in filing 100,000 protests each year. If your firm has not filed at least one protest a year for the last five years, you are probably failing to win contracts that could be won.



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