Proposal Training at Your Site – Uplifts Your Capability

  |  March 9, 2017

Gary Everett

Is there a need to upgrade proposal capabilities at your company?  I have taught 34 proposal management classes on company sites. Below are some of the reasons given by companies as to why they needed training:

  1. We need to define and use a consistent, standard, and repeatable proposal development process and make it standard across all groups.
  2. We need a flexible proposal development process to help us respond easily to quick-response task orders (TOs), as well as, the larger direct bids.
  3. We need author checklists and fill-in templates to better plan our writing.
  4. We need to write proposals that speak in one voice.
  5. We need to do build Win Themes into our proposals.
  6. We need more post-mortems of our proposal efforts to get timely feedback to the participants, and, to make improvements in our proposal processes
  7. We need more convincing charts and diagrams.
  8. We need to do Red Team reviews that will really fix the problems.
  9. We need to perform an objective critique of engineers who are in love with their own words.

My training class focuses on helping you manage all the challenges of producing consistently winning proposals.

Before I go to a client site to teach, I discuss needs and problems so I can shape the class to your needs.  On site classes have ranged from 12 to 80 people. The largest was to help focus the team on winning a massive multi-hundred-million-dollar re-compete.

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