The Federal Government Proposal Busy Season: He Who Hesitates is Lost

  |  April 15, 2019

In the post federal government sequestration era, the busiest proposal month is now June. The volume of activity for federal government proposal shops gets faster in April and still faster in May.  Then June  is so fast that many proposal groups struggle to do winning work.

The Solution

All possible solutions have their strengths and weaknesses.  Following below we discuss the different solutions to the problem of needing more federal government proposal talent:

1. Pull Personnel From on Site – These personnel already know the company.  However, there is lost billable time, possible customer displeasure, and technical personnel often don’t have proposal skills.

2. Personnel “on the bench” – This is a favorite because there is no added cost.  However, it is almost a given that, such random personnel don’t have proposal skills.

3. Executive Suite – Some executives have good proposal skills.  And if they can be spared, they make good contributions.

4. Subs and Partners – My experience has been that you seldom get solid proposal contributions from partners.

5. Consultants – Besides all the why’s and wherefores, a primary problem with federal government proposal consultants is how to get them.  How can we be sure they are good?   Personality?  Character?  Skills?  If I had a dollar for every time I have seen a customer wait until too late, I could treat both of us to dinner at the finest restaurant we can find.

If you would like to discuss your anticipated requirements for consultant help,  please contact us.