Understanding the Role of Evaluators in Federal Government Solicitations

  |  July 26, 2017

Gary Everett

Evaluators can be afraid of their failure as well as the contractor, and both are motivating factors for them. Contractors need to consider and write to evaluators’ emotions, fears, biases and feelings as well as to the facts.

A good proposal will include meeting these key Evaluator sell points checklist:

1. Build their trust by providing believability of your approach and content
2. Prove and substantiate proposal content so they can defend their rating to others
3. Never underestimate importance of Phase-In
4. Solve real problems they are having today
5. Provide bulletproof support for auditors/protest court
6. Crisply show benefits and improvements to come
7. Address their Evaluation Criteria: Give your strengths and “wow” factors and avoid weaknesses and their “Oh Oh!” factors

People buy from people, and they must feel good about working with you. Honesty and confidence, lessons learned, and performance metrics should be displayed and be real to them.