Winning a $5.1B Army GTACS II Contract

  |  January 9, 2018

The Army dream of having a single interoperable tactical network gets a huge boost with the coming release of the GTACS II RFP, scheduled in or about February 2018. Less than 200 years after Samuel Morse sent the first telegram, GTACS promises to bring instantaneous communications to the battlefield worldwide. Enabled by satellite, GTACS will give deployed forces a broad range of Command, Control, and Communications capabilities — such as real-time visibility into the battle space.

Competition for this $5.1B prize will be intense. With 30 awards including 20 for large business and 10 for small business, there will certainly be over 100 bidders. Even a brief glance at the spec reveals the level of difficulty to develop, staff, and price winning solutions.

Bidders planning to win will have their strategy done; their teams in place; will have done writing to the draft; and should be into their price-to-win (PTW) studies. Those not planning to win could skip the PTW.

Strong bidders lacking the technical, managerial, writer, or pricing talent required to win need to find outside proposal support yesterday.

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