Why the Huge Drop in Value: FBI IT SSS Contract

  |  April 18, 2018

smartAccording to an April 11 Request for Information (RFI), the FBI’s Information Technology Supplies and Support Services Contract (FBI IT SSS) has dropped in ceiling value from $30B to $5B. This huge whopping drop is likely because the FBI is pursuing a paradigm shift to Cloud computing in a separate contract. Interest in this recompete... Read More

The $200 A Foot Cable: Hunting and Farming in Federal BD

  |  April 9, 2018

Tim Birdsall The good hunter goes out loaded and ready for whatever pops up. – Proper dress, weapon, and ammunition. Good location and marksmanship help, but in an open environment, success is framed by multiple unknowns. The farmer, however, prepares for everything in advance. — plowing, the seed, and the fertilizer. The farmer can control... Read More

Preventing a Disaster When You Have Off-Site Inputters

  |  April 9, 2018

During the past 33 years, we have worked too many proposals where there was lack of satisfactory participation from off-site inputters. Sometimes the problem is not like a 3-alarm fire, and you can still prepare a successful proposal. Other times, the problem is more like a 7-alarm fire. This is where the off-site inputters are... Read More