Winning RAPID IV — Final RFP Imminent Government Proposal

  |  September 29, 2019

There is excitement in the RAPID IV bidder community after the September 26, announcement that NASA will release the final RFP for this $6B program — as early as this week.  Definitely in October. A Primary Problem        Undoubtedly, bidders have realigned their teams, since 2 out of the 8 awardees got a lion’s share of... Read More

7 Ways to Win More Federal Contracts This September

  |  September 10, 2019

All of us are hunting for the secret sauce that will help us win more Federal proposals in this – the most hectic month — of the fiscal year.  Let me offer some suggestions based on experience helping customers prepare 4,000 proposals during the past 33 years:   1. Get executive commitment early, where your... Read More