$7B RMADA Procurement is Upon Us: Insight into Winning

  |  October 30, 2018

Tom Hodges– Political Considerations A recent change in political climate enhances the value of RMADA 2.0. Whereas the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was controversial at the time RMADA 1.0 began, its services have recently won endorsement across the political spectrum. Notable for bidders, this removes an element of risk from the contract, as well as... Read More

A Revolution in Winning Recompetes: Plan to Win from Contract Start

  |  October 18, 2018

Nigel Thacker– This article provides critical insight into the way customer priorities change during a contract life cycle.  Aligning your performance to these changing priorities is the key to winning the recompete. Many Government customers have a lifecycle approach to managing contracts. That means their priorities change at different points during the contract. This can... Read More

The Proposal from “Hell:” The Most Difficult Job of My Career

  |  October 16, 2018

John Capewell– Background I accepted, what I was led to believe, was a typical assignment to be a consulting proposal manager for a Washington D.C.-based, 8(a) company. The reality detail was that the Client company had recently been purchased by a large business, thereby losing their small business status and their ability to recomplete on... Read More