OCI Helps FedEx Win $10 Billion Contract

Provides Classical Whole Proposal Service

2_FederalExpressOCI helped Federal Express win a $10B Government contract from the US Postal Service (USPS). The USPS was soliciting a vendor to provide express mail service. OCI first received a call from a competitor of USPS. This group wanted to have the service of one Sr. Proposal Writer to help in the preparation of their Government proposal. However, this company then decided they would not use outside help. A short time later, a lawyer specializing in USPS work made a referral of OCI to Federal Express. And FedEx requested a team to help package their proposal.

OCI assembled a 15-person Government proposal writing team. The team was seated in the proposal prep facility located at the OCI headquarters in Reston, Virginia. It consisted of a proposal manager, writers / volume managers, proposal graphic artists, and production personnel.

The OCI proposal team provided classical whole proposal preparation service. This included preparing the Government proposal template outline and plan, writing the proposal sections in conjunction with SME personnel from FedEx, assisting in the review, and managing the proposal production process.

The proposal was successful, and FedEx won the $10B USPS contract.