OCI Helped Cypress International Clients Prepare Winning DOD Proposals

OCI Has 94% Win Rate Helping Cypress Clients

Cypress International is a consultant firm that helps companies sell services and products to Department of Defense (DoD) prospects.
Cypress refers the proposal work to OCI. During the past 16 years, OCI has helped Cypress clients prepare 17 Department of Defense proposals, with a 94% success rate.

The Challenge
Typically, companies come to Cypress for an introduction to a military customer — or for more robust support in market research, business development, and / or business capture. The Cypress staff of former military officers has insight into many different DoD programs. However, they put their trust in OCI to help clients with the DOD proposal phase.

How OCI has helped Cypress Clients
Since 1999, OCI has helped Cypress clients prepare 17 Department of Defense proposals for DOD contracts valued at up $400M. Most of these projects have involved providing a team that helped prepare the technical proposal or both the technical and the price proposal. Some of the price proposals included developing complex IMP & IMS plans.

These proposals have been for DOD contracts in water purification, Unpiloted Aerial Vehicles (UAV), laser range finders, information technology (IT) projects, and others. OCI helped a company develop a Department of Defense proposal to provide an IT system to the Navy that would allow service members and their dependents to check their entitlements online over the web. We helped a company prepare proposals to manufacture portable water purification systems for the Army. We assisted a UAV company in preparing a proposal to manufacture a large quantity of UAV aircraft for the Air Force. We assisted a company in preparing a proposal to manufacture and deliver a laser range finding device to the Marines.

The consultant help provided by OCI enabled the customers to win 16 of the 17 Department of Defense proposals referred by Cypress. It is believed the other project could have been won, but there was no budget for a Price to Win (PTW) study. Further, having OCI as a trusted partner to provide proposal service helped Cypress achieve better client control. For OCI this work has been a real professional pleasure, because the Cypress personnel are so capable and responsive.