OCI Helped DynCorp Get Into the Technology Business

DynCorp VP Had High Praise for OCI Effort


DynCorp was bidding on a $167M USPS contract to provide service to the US Postal Service (USPS). They hired OCI to provide a consultant team to help prepare their Government proposal.

Since the postal mail sorting machinery could not read the pen script envelopes, they were setting up a semi-automated system for handling the unreadable envelopes. The system would send a video scan of the envelopes to a remote contractor site. Their operator personnel would read each envelope on a screen and key a bar code that would then be printed onto the envelope.

DynCorp had hired a business development team consisting of former USPS personnel who knew the program. OCI provided a 16-person Government proposal consultant team variously staffed with 22 individuals to help DynCorp prepare their proposal. The team consisted of a Sr. Proposal Manager supported by a writer group and an administrative group. This team debriefed the business development subject matter experts (SME) and was thus able to help DynCorp prepare a highly responsive Government proposal.

Development of the DynCorp proposal for the USPS contract was complex because the program was a multi-site bid. And the solicitation permitted the bidders to submit multiple proposals. DynCorp wanted to submit 22 different proposals, and each proposal consisted of 7 volumes. This is a total of 154 volumes.

OCI developed a semi-automated approach to the preparation of the proposals. This permitted the proposal team to input only the change fields in the proposal documents as they went through the process of preparing the alternate proposals.

In order to be certain that the proposals would be delivered on time, we printed two sets of the documents for a total of 308 volumes. One set was sent to the out-of-state delivery site by truck, while the other went by air. The proposal was delivered on time, and DynCorp won the contract that got it into the information technology (IT) business.

The DynCorp executive in charge of the project, Herb Fearing, said the following: “OCI’s proposal team provided the best integration of proposal group with business development group I have seen.”