For more than 30 years, OCI has been providing best-in-class consultants to help you create winning proposals. We are passionate about providing the right talent at the right time – empowering you to win more business.

OCI Mission


To provide best-in-class consultants who bring the skills needed to help clients create winning proposals. Further, to apply a portion of profits to help improve the world through scholarships offered in the USA and in Africa.

OCI Vision


Our vision is to be the preferred provider of proposal talent — individuals and teams – because:

  • We have one of the deepest, best-vetted consultant resource pools with the widest range of expertise in the nation.

  • We really get to know our clients, and help define job nuances in order to match the consultants to client technical needs and organizational cultures.

  • We are extraordinarily responsive to customer needs and schedules.

  • We succeed at providing a quality of service that allows customers to create winning proposals.