Government Proposal Training to Enhance Internal Capabilities

We have provided proposal training for 18 years. Among all proposal training classes, ours is unique in providing hands-on practical exercises (PE) in which the students prepare/outline typical proposal sections. Practical Exercises include:

  • Developing the Proposal Outline

  • Developing Compliance Matrix

  • Section and Subsection Design

  • Story Board Development

  • Win Theme Development

Previous students say the practical exercises help the teaching stick. The class is offered in two formats:

  1. Public training in which classes have trainees from different companies
  2. Custom classes that are given to an individual company

We also offer an anonymous Quality-Assurance (QA) form, which is administered at the end of each class. Nearly 100 percent of our participants have evaluated our classes as “excellent.”

Join the hundreds of proposal professionals who have enhanced their skills through OCI Government Proposal Training.

Advanced Proposal Management Course – Online

This interactive proposal management course addresses the full range of proposal manager responsibilities, duties, and activities as they relate to the overall proposal preparation process. Class exercises help to convey learning that is useful and memorable. Learn more here.