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802, 2024

Unearthing Client Concerns: The Key to Winning Proposals

By |February 8, 2024|Proposal Management, Proposal Writing|0 Comments

At the heart of every winning proposal lies a deep understanding of the client's needs, concerns, and objectives. Before diving into the proposal writing process, take the [...]

3101, 2024

PRISM RFP: Exploring the Many Angles of the $1.8B Opportunity

By |January 31, 2024|Government Proposal Consultants|0 Comments

The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness (OUSD P&R) released the final RFP for its Personnel & Readiness Infrastructure Support Management [...]

2401, 2024

Unlock Success with Transition Plan Optimization in Contracts

By |January 24, 2024|Government Proposal Consultants|0 Comments

Transition Plan Optimization: Mastering the Transition Period for Government Contract One of the most important evaluation factors the U.S. Government considers when awarding a contract is [...]

1701, 2024

Building Proposals: Organic Staff vs. Proposal Consultants

By |January 17, 2024|Government Proposal Consultants|0 Comments

In today's economic climate, where margins are tighter than ever, contractor companies face a critical decision: building proposals with organic, in-house resources or partnering with external [...]

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