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At OCI, we’ve earned a reputation among our consultants for not only connecting them with rewarding federal proposal consultant jobs, but also treating them with the respect they deserve. We go the extra mile to ensure that our consultants have the best possible experience working on proposal consultant jobs with our clients.

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The industry’s best proposal consultants choose to work with OCI because they see us as a widely respected leader in the proposal services industry, and an outstanding source of federal proposal consultant jobs. Our consultants enjoy:

  • Competitive rates and on-time payment
  • Personalized treatment and respect for your skills and expertise
  • Quality assignments with some of the nation’s largest companies
  • Opportunities for repeat proposal consultant jobs (thanks to our industry-leading client retention rate)

If you are a proposal professional with successful experience on federal proposal consultant jobs, we invite you to join our team. When you become an OCI consultant, we take care of you like no one else — working closely with you to ensure we understand your skills and areas of subject matter expertise.


Our clients call on us for proposal consultants with a broad range of skills. Listed below are some of our most frequently requested job titles and the skill sets that are in greatest demand:

  • Provide coaching for new or inexperienced capture managers and/or capture teams
  • Perform gap analyses and assessments to determine the weaknesses and areas for improvement in the capture strategy
  • Assist with and review capture documentation and develops actionable recommendations
  • Assist with developing action plans and/or communications plans for capture teams
  • Guide the capture team on methods for implementing the capture strategy in the final proposal and develop the partnership between capture and proposal teams
  • Identifies resource needs and/or gaps in teaming.
  • Provide leadership, management, and direction of entire proposal development process, including tactics, theme, discriminators, and ghosting
  • Issue instructions to and integrate efforts of entire proposal team staff
  • Report daily on the status of key planning, writing, or other processes
  • Direct creation and review of proposal outline to ensure compliance and responsiveness
  • Build proposal compliance matrix and track fulfillment of all requirements
  • Identify and track “must-do” compliance items through completion
  • Review storyboards and proposal sections to ensure requirements are adequately addressed
  • Design, plan, and manage specific volumes and integrate them with all other proposal volumes
  • Ensure compliance and responsiveness to all RFP requirements
  • Understand and maintain the schedule and assign, manage, and coach writers
  • Write proposal sections such as management plan, staffing plan, and others
  • Develop and maintain a detailed outline for the entire volume, building on the baselined requirements and including annotations for recommended themes, content, and figures (e.g., tables, graphics, photos)
  • Develop, assign, and monitor data collection in support of the volume, and ensure that writers use this data effectively to complete their writing assignments
  • Work with writers to develop appropriate writing aids (e.g., storyboards, annotated page mockups), and review and approve these prior to initiating any writing
  • Review and approve all text and figures before incorporation into the baseline volume
  • Understand the approach, strategy, and themes/discriminators
  • Interview and/or debrief teams with subject matter experts
  • Research, collect data, organize information, and write proposal text
  • Define section requirements, adhering to approved proposal outline
  • Ensure compliance and responsiveness to all RFP requirements
  • Work with proposal production team to plan and develop graphic concepts
  • Prepare documentation for formal reviews
  • Maintain historical files for each section and a section status log
  • Coordinate the production process (desktop publishing, graphics, editing, proofreading, reproduction, binding, and delivery) in support of the proposal
  • Assist Proposal Manager in maintaining the proposal schedule, configuration control, planning/control documents, and baselined outline
  • Develop data collection forms and proposal templates
  • Work with the Review Team Leader(s) to prepare review documentation and to determine review logistics
  • Maintain a status record and master file for all action items, text, and graphics
  • Identify and help resolve major writing and production problems early
  • Provide guidance and status reports on compliance and production matters
  • Enforce editorial policies and guidelines specified for the proposal
  • Validate style, consistency, grammar, and syntax of the final document
  • Re-write as needed to clarify and simplify text or replace poorly written text
  • Edit to include sales messages, golden nuggets, key concepts, etc.
  • Provide consistency in capitalization, compound words, lists, and numbers
  • Check in-text references for figures, tables and sections
  • May play a role in reducing the text to meet page limitations
  • Prepare, format, and layout high quality text and templates for proposals and presentations
  • Integrate graphics and design elements to conform to desktop publishing standards and requirements
  • Ensure compliance with RFP specifications/page limitations and focus evaluators’ attention
  • Possess working knowledge of editorial/proofreading marks
  • Maintain excellent knowledge of Microsoft Word to include style sheets, table designs, macros, and references (i.e., table of contents, list of figures, etc.)
  • Operate with limited instructions (other than style sheets/templates)
  • Prepare both hard and soft copies as required
  • Provide coaching to all participants in orals presentations associated with proposals
  • Provide input on speaker selection, development of orals themes and messages, development of visual aids, and individual and team presentation coaching
  • Helps the presenters develop the message, delivery, and supporting material
  • Develop the orals presentation using an integrated approach of both defining the content (messages, key graphics within graphic standards, strategies, outlines, etc.) and coaching the presenters
  • Conduct mock Q&A sessions with customer simulations to prepare the team and evaluate their ability to meet customer expectations
  • Design and edit pictures, graphs, drawings, and charts to help communicate messages in the proposal response
  • Possess excellent knowledge of tools such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Edit and modify engineering drawings, photo graphics, models, or rough sketches; etc.
  • Work with writers to determine illustration requirements such as processes, objects, tools, products, machines, buildings, and other figures
  • Apply color, shading, and other art techniques to portray intended meaning
  • Perform competitive analysis, develop bid pricing strategy, and support contract negotiations
  • Collect and analyze public documentation, information obtained from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, and proposal debriefs, using market research tools such as Input, etc. to generate meaningful analyses to promote effective and strategic pricing solutions
  • Conduct research and information analysis around competitor pricing and awards
  • Ensure proposal compliance with organizational, corporate and federal procurement policies and regulations
  • Bring technical expertise across the depth of a domain
  • May include specific experience in hardware and software environments, existing system integration or hardware, or recent experience with of customer systems or processes
  • Work with the solution architect and capture manager, leverages domain expertise and understanding of customer requirements to help develop a complete proposal solution that meets all technical requirements, meets customer needs and expectations, and results in a price competitive proposal
  • Help shape early capture discussions on solutions and technical approaches that are cost drivers to proposals


We’re easy to work with — starting with the process to become an OCI consultant. We’re eager to learn more about you and discuss your possible role as a member of our team.

If you decide not to accept an offer, we’ll still keep your info in our database, should another job arise where there is a fit. To apply, please complete the form below. For questions, please contact us.


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