Winning a Contract

under the
$77B NASA SEWP VI Program

Winning a Contract under the $77B NASA SEWP VI Program

The NASA SEWP VI RFP is out.

NASA SEWP has always been an exciting program to bid. A challenging RFP to work. But a great reward to win, based on the popularity of the contract with federal agencies needing IT products and services.

Since there will be an estimated 900 bids, any company needing consultants to win is warned to start now. Last time, those companies waiting late often found the experienced consultants taken.

Changes in the program.

A look at the requirements reflects how the industry has flowered since SEWP V — with cloud, virtualization, AI, and a host of other new tech. But probably the change most pleasing to industry is the expansion of SEWP to include full strategic enterprise services.

NASA SEWP timing

Winning SEWP VI – Annotated Outline of RFP Requirements

We have prepared an outline of the RFP requirements that must be answered. To see this outline, please click below:

What Should Winning Bidders Be Doing Now?

  • Proposal Readiness Review – analyzes offerors’ capabilities against the RFP requirements to determine the likelihood of an award

  • Read our FAQs – Find insight for the most asked questions regarding SEWP VI

  • Develop strategy needed to win and make best profit

  • Decision to do it in-house or with consultants

  • Fix critical delivery process problems

  • Find responsive Past Performance programs

  • Develop compelling value propositions

  • Find ways to strengthen weaknesses

  • Be targeted like a rifle shot in figuring out where your sweet spot is and organize your bid around this area

  • Watch our free Webinar.

  • Gain insight on the program. Contact us today for a free quote.

Consultant Help to Win SEWP VI

OCI had 10 customers on the SEWP V program, and we helped all of them to win contracts. Service provided included strategy, whole proposal support, and proposal staff augmentation. Among OCI consultants are 80 individuals with experience on the NASA SEWP program. A call now will give you a better chance of getting exactly what you want.

Those interested in discussing the SEWP program can dial 703-689-9600 or submit a service form.


We helped all 10 of our SEWP V customers win proposals.

Full SEWP Proposal Support

We offer full proposal support to help you win.

80 SEWP Consultants

OCI consultants with experience on the NASA SEWP program.

Let us help you get ready for SEWP VI!

Proposal Readiness Review (PRR)

The most valuable thing most bidders can do right now to up their odds — is to perform a Proposal Readiness Review (PRR). This involves getting a qualified consultant to compare your capability to the RFP requirements.

The end result is that you know where you stand and what more needs to be done. Or in some cases that the lift is just too heavy.